jordan brand

In 2015, FHC Prep welcomed Jordan Brand as our major sponsor. Jordan Brand outfits the FHC Prep team in uniforms, socks, shoes, bags, training gear, and a variety of Jordan Brand apparel.

Jordan Brand also proudly sponsors the Early Bird Classic, which has become the premier prep tournament in Canada. In addition to facility decorations and awards, Jordan Brand hosts the “Jordan Brand Players’ Lounge”. This year, the Early Bird Classic takes place November 2-4, 2017.

the jordan breakfast club

One of the most unique benefits of Jordan Brand is the “Jordan Breakfast Club”.

In 1989, Michael Jordan encountered something he never had before: a metaphorical wall he couldn’t breakthrough. A wall he had to breach in order to achieve his championship dreams.

“The physicality of the game was changing,” said Michael Jordan. “The league was allowing defenders to be a lot more physical with the ball handler and I knew that I had to find a way to get stronger and be able to deal with the beating.”

His strategy entailed pre-practice and one-on-one workouts with his trainer, focused on strength training and weights. Motivated by Jordan’s commitment, his teammates began to join in the extracurricular sessions, which often started as early as 7am. Jordan would famously arrive to the gym, with a wry smile and cup of coffee in hand. Aptly the gathering soon became known as the “Breakfast Club”.

The “Breakfast Club” was the foundation for Michael’s epic six title, six Finals MVP run. The sessions proved to Jordan that the status quo was not enough; if he wanted to be a champion there were extra steps involved.

September 9
8:40 am
Analysis + Benchmarking
Center 23
September 16
8:40 am
Speed + Strength
Center 23
September 20
4:30 pm
Cycling Spin
6IX Cycle
September 23
8:40 am
Reaction + Explode
Center 23

For each session, Jordan Brand generously provides a private coach bus and a light, post-event meal.