Fortunately, Jason and my dad were able to do this themselves, which saved us some money! This style is the Randolph Morris.Their farmhouse sinks also come in copper and matte dark grey. Product costs, availability and item numbers may vary online or by market. I settled on the typical 2×4 and shim method for my sink installation. Deburr the pipe with a special tool. When we placed the new sink in the cabinet, we knew there’d be about a 1/2 inch gap on either side of the sink. Check that the sink is level from side to side and front to back. Read this article before you get a farmhouse sink so you can avoid any potential frustrations along the way. They typically require a solid surface or custom-made laminate top. In fact, you'll not only need to remove part of the front of the cabinet to make room for the apron front of your new sink but you'll also need to add supports to bear the weight of the sink. One of the most distinctive features of a farmhouse sink is their exposed front of the basin. There are several things I wish we would’ve known beforehand. In traditional sinks, the entire sink is dropped in, and the front is covered by a faux-drawer panel above the under-sink cabinets. To build the base, he first built a box using six 2 x 4’s. Measure the thickness of the sink and transfer that to the cabinet walls. We had to remove our granite countertop by the sink in order to put the new farmhouse sink in. Sign up for The Marly Dice Newsletter and you'll be the first to hear about what I'm decorating, my current home and lifestyle faves, and DIY projects we're working on around the house! I’ve wanted a big, white farmhouse sink since we designed and installed our kitchen six years ago. Single Bowl Kitchen Sink in White with Grid and Strainer Enduring in beauty and performance, this Enduring in beauty and performance, this apron front kitchen sink is a fashionable kitchen fixture with modern farmhouse charm. He used a piece of old wood as a countertop, which does the trick until our new counters are installed. We got it out and held it next to the cabinet and realized it was too big. When you want to install your farmhouse sink, you need to cut out enough of that panel to fit your new sink. If your countertop is screwed down, use a screw gun to back out the screws. Remove the sink clips underneath, cut the sealant on top and pull out the sink. Get to know Marly and the guy behind the scenes, Jason. Take a few pictures of the drain setup just in case you need it later for reference. If it's glued down, use an oscillating saw to get between the counter and the cabinet. If it's a little low, use shims to raise it. : Flush-Mount: The countertop and sink are at the same height creating a smooth surface. That ended up pushing the entire process back because we had to order a new sink and get it fully installed before they could come back to remeasure. They sit even with the top of the counter. Cut the Cabinet For PVC, mark your length and cut with a hack saw or PVC cutter. If you are thinking about getting a farmhouse sink, you’re in the right place. Stainless steel farmhouse sinks are available too. In order to install the sink, we had to remove our granite countertop that sat overtop the existing sink. To fix this, Jason made customized filler pieces and put them in the edges. Then line up the cutout template, and tape it in place. They require a waterproof top that's custom cut for the sink and faucet. Our instructions say the supports should sit 5/8 of an inch below the top. They'll apply sealant along the cabinet tops and sink top, and set the countertop in place. Farmhouse sinks can be mounted three different ways. We proudly deliver nationwide to all consumers and cabinet makers and have established a reputation as a trusted classic country sink … These sinks sit completely underneath the counter. There's a flange that sits on the countertop just like a regular sink. But certain materials, such as fireclay can be as much as $850. In this case, we measured the following: • Distance from the top of the cabinet to the bottom of the drawer opening or screw holes to make sure it was shorter than the apron, • Distance from the top of the cabinet to the doors to make sure the apron wouldn't interfere with the doors. Check with your installers on cure time before connecting the plumbing. One of the great features of the sink we used is that it doesn’t require a custom cabinet like some farmhouse sinks with taller apron fronts. They typically require a solid surface or custom-made laminate top. We had to make our current cabinet fit a farmhouse sink instead of the other way around. We used the putty that came with our new cabinet doors to run along the edges so the pieces are noticeable. Some companies offer free installation for the sinks or provide telephone or internet help for it. Note, the silicone sealer will be visible. Most instructions will include measurement requirements of the cabinet. Secure it, spin it and gradually tighten it until it cuts through. I can’t believe I’ve got my own farmhouse sink y’all!! A Home Decor, DIY, Blogging, and Lifestyle Blog. There are two situations when one considers about installing a farm sink. It has a height of 12.25 inches, which leaves ample room under the countertop even when installed with a farmhouse sink. Jul 17, 2012 - Images of Different Farm Sinks Installed. Our house is traditional/rustic, with open wood beamed ceilings throughout, so alittle farmhouse style as well. DIY Remove the Countertop Our sink cabinet is on the smaller end at only 24 inch wide. Set the Countertops Remove Plumbing and Sink If you want a large apron front sink in your kitchen, you’ll want to read these things to know before buying a farmhouse sink. To begin removal of the old sink, start with the plumbing. Farm sinks, also known as farmhouse sinks or apron front sinks, are very popular in colonial- and traditional-style kitchen designs. . I want a farmhouse sink but I need one with a top mount. We ordered a 24 inch farmhouse sink and when it arrived I was so excited! Now that the sink is in place, the countertop installers will set the countertop. If your sink is near a corner, make sure that adjacent drawers or dishwashers will clear the apron front. For copper pipes and water valves, use push-connect fittings. I found some promising ones on that I decided to share here. We measured the sink and it was actually 24 and 1/4 inches. We knew going into this project that our cabinet doors would need to be adjusted to accommodate for our farmhouse sink. Use shims if needed. After going through the process of taking out the countertop, ordering new cabinet doors, building a sink base, cutting filler boards, and reconnecting the plumbing and garbage disposal, we realized how much work it really was. We’ve got three weeks to go until the countertop company can install them. Some can weigh over 300 pounds when filled with water. Farmhouse Sink Sizes & Dimensions. I wanted to write this post today because we learned a few things during the process of switching out our old sink with our new farmhouse sink. Can you weigh in on pros and cons of both. Our sink came with a template to cut out the front of the cabinet. Removing the counters and sink. Under-Mount: The countertop flows over the edge of the sink. It’s been over a year since we finished our Blue & White two toned kitchen remodel.