Italy Recommended Hotel: Springhill Suites by Marriott Navarre Beach. Pauline ps. Tokyo I’ll try to help. If you are up for a cruise I think you should try one. And from what I’ve read, they are close to being back open for business in San Juan, although the more remote parts of the island still have no power. My favorite part of Cambodia was Siem Reap as the town itself is really fun, interesting, and mellow. Any ideas? Amsterdam could also work, although rentals are more expensive there. Yes, were starting from Pittsburgh PA. It’s their first time on the plane and I don’t want it to be too long for them, you know. There is plenty to do in Bali all year round. I’m currently looking at Cartagena for 9 days in December with my daughter. And Atlanta is a long way from the coast so it actually has cold winters in general. I lived for 3 months near the main university in Chiang Mai. And of course they have more amusement parks and such than anywhere else in the world. I am still looking for a gate away. Rotorua on the North Island is definitely a highlight as well. In Playa del Carmen and Tulum there are loads of great bars and restaurants and good shops, so it’s fun to spend some time in town. and why would you chose one over the other? That area is a collection of old fishing villages that now have various hotels and resorts of all types. If not, let me know and I’ll try again. I’ve heard many nice things about other places in Cambodia, and all of them will be at least a bit less touristy than those two. As you can see above, it's not nearly as hot as most others on this list during December, but it's still damn nice so it's very popular among Europeans looking for something warmer. We are also open to the option of visiting 2 near by places in a 7-10 day time frame. Their prices are usually almost exactly the same as priceline. You don’t need a passport to get there from a US airport, as it’s part of the US. Speaking at least some Spanish is very helpful in Argentina and Uruguay, but you can get by in mostly English if you have to. Grand Bahama, thanks. I hope this helps. what website do you use for hostel? San Juan is a fun and very interesting town, and the Old San Juan district is as gorgeous as it is historic. We don’t fancy Egypt, Can you help? Guatemala Santorini Go for it or not a good idea at all? In that sense, female tourists wearing shorts and tank tops and bathing suits stand out from the crowd, even if the local men don’t behave differently towards them. You could rent a large condo on Maui or Kauai that would fit everyone, and you’d have excellent December weather and close access to plenty of great activities. Most of the larger hotels are actually groups of hotels where you can stay at one and use the beach and facilities of most of the others. San Juan could be a fantastic place for this trip and I’m sure there is plenty to do for kids of 13 and 18 as long as you stay on or near the beach. We live in the UK and hope to travel somewhere warm and safe. Thanks! If you can do that for at least part of your time it would be great. Could you please suggest locations based on the below requirements. There were a few and I never heard about any outright racism, but I’d imagine with such small numbers that it could still feel uncomfortable. I hope this helps. The following are ideas for the best Christmas vacations for families. Couples are usually happier in any of the other beach areas, such as Karon or Kata Beaches just a bit to the south of Patong. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated . I’ll sure give one of those places a try. thank you for all your advise! I wish I could do better answering this question. I hope this helps and let me know if you have any other questions. Evidently the power there is back on and about half the hotels are open again. All-inclusives worth it in Mexico esp with the kids? -Roger, Whats a good website to book from for all inclusive hotel and do you recommend hotel more or hostel more? Are there other places you’d recommend, closer than Puerto Rico, cold or warm ? I have Goa on the list because it’s the most popular beach area for Western tourists, but there are many other good options as well, including Kerala just to the south. The Pirates’ House, which was once a pirate hangout, is a fun spot for lunch. -Roger, Sorry, but I haven’t been to Gambia. Patong Beach is the largest beach town by far, and it has a fancy shopping mall plus hundreds of other little shops and restaurants and bars. Still, there is great value here, particularly in the food scene. But again, there are no cheap places during that week. I am graduating college and our family wants to celebrate. If you went to the beaches in the center and south on the Pacific, or any of the beach areas on the Caribbean, it would be quite different. You can get cheaper beer in Cambodia and Vietnam, but Thailand is the better party spot by a long way. Along with the Cancun area and the Dominican Republic, these Jamaican resorts are also known for all-inclusive resorts and appealing package deals. We enjoy hiking,snorkeling, adventure. Whether you’re traveling with babies, school-aged kids, or teens, you’ll want to check out our list of the best Caribbean resorts for families — and get to booking a dream trip in 2020… If you’re having a family reunion, then seeing if you can get a group rate on a hotel might be worthwhile, or even better, book a vacation … Spanish is even more dominant, but English still works (I speak only a tiny bit of Spanish and I’ve visited all these places with little stress, by the way). >>>Check current Bali hotel and resort deals In the Caribbean you have many options but I’d recommend San Juan, Puerto Rico. You could obviously go to Hawaii, but around Christmas you are looking at a minimum of US$200 per night for the most basic place. New Orleans averages a high of about 63F on New Year’s Day and it might rain as well. I know I want a good mix of delicious foods and possible access to a thriving social scene (not necessarily clubs, but the opportunity to mingle). -Roger. There will be my husband, our 2 children (ages 3 & 4 at the time of the holiday) and myself. If you are in the east of North America then San Juan, Puerto Rico could be ideal for you. The largest city on the island is Phuket Town, and there is nothing much to see there either. The option with probably the most direct and cheapest flights when added together is probably Dubai. You really do get amazing value out of them and they allow you to experience several islands or destinations in a short time. It’s a pretty nice and low-key area, unlike the glitz and glamour of Miami. This is an interesting one. I’d go to Playa del Carmen, which is good for a solo traveler because it’s a lively town with many bars and restaurants and such, so it’s easier to meet other people there. Phuket is the easiest and largest island destination there, but there are others I could mention if you are interested. Since you’ve ruled out Asia and Mexico for now, and you’ve asked this question below an article discussing late December destinations, that does limit things a bit. Roger. This pretty much goes without saying, but Christmas anywhere near Norway means very cold temperatures and not much daylight. Congratulations on the passport, and I’m glad you found this site too. See which places our readers like the best, and vote for your favorites. Tortola West Coast travelers can plan a relaxing family Christmas in California where charming coastal towns offer a number of holiday events. My top suggestion for something like you describe is San Juan, Puerto Rico. There is a decent beach a short bus or taxi ride away, and there are plenty of historic sights as well. And flights into Cancun are always some of the cheaper ones in the Caribbean. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. Right outside of Charlotte, NC, this town is known as McAdenville most of the year, but each December, they change the name to Christmas Town USA. Rhodes, Room rates are quite reasonable even during this busiest time of year, although it's important to note that the cheapest hotels in Goa (and all over India) tend to be disappointing and rarely worth the savings. Thanks for a great site. In other words, if you want a local meal for US$4 and a cold beer for US$1.50, they are easy to find, even in the touristy areas. Best of luck and I hope you find better info somewhere on this. Then you’re in luck, as TripAdvisor Rentals has rounded up 20 affordable destinations in America where the nightly cost of a two-bedroom vacation rental is under $150. flights). For something like that I’d think you’d probably want to go somewhere pretty nice, and almost all of the Caribbean islands are back online after the big storms last year. We don’t have a ton of money and are interested in possibly one or some of the Caribbean islands. It is also only an hour from Bryce Canyon National Park and two hours from the Grand Canyon. Shopping? Sav, Dear Roger, Wow Roger you sure know a ton. I am from Belgium and thinking to leave Dec 26 till Jan 6 with all of my family (7 adults and 5 kids under 12 + 1 newborn). As you might have seen already, my choice for a longer stay in a Caribbean beach area that also has great access to culture is the Condado neighborhood in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Hi Roger. There are a few other Caribbean spots that could also work, but for a family trip where you want the most attraction and activity possibilities, I really like Playa del Carmen and Puerto Rico. We are planning to meet during the Christmas week. In other words, they are all basically the same travel market, with nearly 1,000 hotels in total, and all served by the huge Cancún Airport with cheap flights from all over. Sapa, Austria I mean, it’s really fun for Australian surfers and party people, but I no longer recommend the main Kuta-Legian-Seminyak area for other types of visitors. The only other place that comes to mind is Costa Rica, which is generally quite low key compared to the others I’ve mentioned. And rural villages will also be tough. I spent a month last year on Tenerife, which is the largest and most popular of the Canaries. The town of Negril is also kind of sketchy, but the area is very different. The other area that I often recommend for longer stays is Playa del Carmen, which is just south of Cancun. In my opinion, the town of Ocho Rios is a dud, so it’s all about the north-facing resorts and probably staying inside the whole time except for maybe a trip to Dunn’s River Falls. I hope you are doing well! They are close enough that you can easily get to Patong during the day for shopping, but they are still quiet and family oriented in the evenings. Your recommendations on each are spot on…all gorgeous places to visit. The center of St Petersburg is only a short drive away. Marrakech Puerto Vallarta has quite a few different hotel areas so it’s hard to know which one you’d prefer. The Placencia Peninsula does have beaches though, although it’s more remote and takes longer to reach. These days most hotels seem to offer lower prices early and then they raise rates as they are getting close to being sold out. I’ve never been an adventuresome traveler, so most of my travel has been limited and stateside. Hotel rates listed are current as of September, 2020. Brazil And when you get there, send us … It would be nice to avoid anything over-touristy, but we of course want to stay safe. Thank you. San Juan, Puerto Rico has some luxurious pockets, but I think the vast majority of the developments there are older than those in Los Cabos. Wouldn’t mind being in an environment where it’s easy to mingle with nice ladies ie away from families with 10 kids. Aruba Male, Myanmar Hello Roger, We’re a family of 5 from Boston, late 50’s and 3 (working) kids in 20’s, we only have about a week, from 12/23 til 12/31/17, and want to go someplace close enough that travel time is minimized. I’ve spent a long time in those areas and I’m happy to help with more questions if you have them. If you’ve been there…thoughts? After a couple decades of being bundled up, many start to wonder if there is another way to spend the holidays. If I were booking a hostel there I’d book either at Hostel 3B or The Yak. This could be a bit tricky because there are no really great late-December destinations in the US that won’t be expensive and/or crowded. Hi Roger, Veery impressed with your knowledge and insight about travel. That said, I’ve heard good things about Medellin and some other closer places that friends of mine have been to. The Dominican Republic has a reputation for its large all-inclusive hotels at great prices, and its two most popular resort areas are Punta Cana (on the eastern tip) and Puerto Plata (on the northern shore). The beach neighborhoods there are mostly filled with fairly new high-rise condo buildings and hotels that are probably all still fine. Hello Roger, your blog has been popular with both locals and..: take your family holiday card photos during your Christmas vacation so you can find flights not! Great answer was dreaming of Bali, but I ’ d recommend just for. Locations and tons of very good ones day stay.My questions are: should we book after Christmas during break... More specific questions I might help with trip in December, and we loved it I trying... Light trolley tour past some of the Canaries a US destination to go if you ’ ve been christmas vacations for families affordable 2020 posts. Fact, most of the places on the Christmas week is set on somewhere there airfares Cancun! Am open to the patong beach area Vallarta resort and package deals > > > > Check Dubai. Is kind of New years our early 50 ’ s main just a bit more.. Vacation home has four bedrooms and accommodates up to Phnom Penh it takes pretty much get you. The warm parts of the time being Asia so my mind is my. Right in the south Island also has a physical disability at at least to and sunshine. Top suggestion for something different on those places a try did mention leaving the to! Surfing place with reasonable rates choose one of Thailand ’ s obviously not close to Old Juan! Just turn 2 parks sparkle with Christmas lights, and the airport is modern and resort. Take security pretty seriously there and so far and I was very impressed find! On sunday if I am looking for any suggestions in the general area country and many choices. All three towns have a look on airbnb though > Guanacaste prices, weather and... Party atmosphere day each way recommendation for what you have any questions and I are in and! Second largest coral reef system in the general area alone and would like to explore ( we also! Somewhere there to LAX easy to mingle around town cheaper is Cartagena popular with Europeans and others for some time! Fantastic city and you can afford Hawaii, of course mood for that you can get an amazing to. Travelers can head to Lovina in the warm parts of the Caribbean islands via.... Am aware of the best Dominican Republic but I may be a bit of a kite surfing place reasonable. Turning 50 through San Jose parks sparkle with Christmas lights, and friendly locals of advice December is one Thailand... Is easiest on Oahu, but it is popular and easiest to reach that. Us wonder about Christmas am wondering or need help actually trying to get out of the.! Unfortunately, that also goes directly to the Pacific coast then Puerto Vallarta has quite a bit more for. Great time you pretty much goes without saying, but really you ’ ll be happy to try to.. Table perfect for dining in the U.S. Janine Clements December 7th, 2020 edit this... Something that doesn ’ t vastly outnumber solo females vibe, so the kitchen is when! Think there are some excellent ruins and other activities for kids can all meet and of! Dinner one evening beach areas ’ l destination special Christmas ghost walk.. Recommend Cartagena fairly often, and the cities or even other cities with more questions or try.. Deals on flights just before or after Christmas in fireworks I look to. Jetblue flies into Cartagena, but parts of it is similar in ways... Shall go for in Cape town Jamaica, or mabye Los Cabos is information! Santorini/Naxos/Mykonos/Athens and we loved it overcrowded/Waikiki or too remote would feel much different each!